We are currently enrolling students and servicing men who struggle with addictions. If you would like to receive help, and feel that our program will benefit you contact us for a preliminary interview over the phone. If you know anyone struggling with a life-control issue we are your resource in Louisiana.  Here are the steps to getting into our program. Admission is based upon bed availability.

  1. Download a copy of the application. Carefully read and fill out the application completely.
  2. Download and CAREFULLY read through the rule book.
  3. Decide if this is something you want to wholeheartedly commit to.
  4. Call us for a preliminary interview. We will want to speak directly to the student.
  5. It is your responsibility to provide transportation to and from our facility.


Joshua Scanlan                      Gerard Morgan

Submit a preliminary screening application here

We will follow up with you. This is the first step in discovering God’s plan for your life.