Vocational Training

This is one of the many important aspects of our program. It is our core conviction that upon completion of our program our graduates feel empowered and self-sufficient to provide for themselves and their families. The vocational training program accomplishes this by teaching and helping men craft a trade. This feature of the program has a job readiness phase, where men learn resume building skills, interview tips, and vocational guidance to prepare them for the job market. 

The success of the vocational program is due to gracious businesses in the community who have partnered with us. They understand our mission and allow our students to do internships during their program. They have a passion to help people and they also play a huge role in the growth and transformation of our students’ lives. It is here that students receive on the job training, and on site mentorship from a vocational professional. 

Another added benefit is the student has the opportunity to take the knowledge he is learning in the Character Development Classes and apply them on the job as he encounters problems in his daily activities. If you are a business in the community and have a passion to see change in the world, consider joining our vocational profession team. Contact us for more information.